Lovely is getting a bit fat. No, she thinks she is getting a bit fat. Therefore she starts exercising. 
‘Look at me, I can do a push up on my side, with one hand’
Yes, Lovely, this is really quite good, but be carefull, don’t overdo it, or you will have muscular pain tomorrow.

Oke, let’s do some push ups now, this will train your abs. With this exercise you train your back, your tummy and also the muscles in your arms, try to be as flat as a stiff board. I will count for ten seconds, keep this position, ten.. nine.. eight.. seven..

..four.. three.. two.. one.. Well done, you sweet girl! Now we focus on the legs. Try to to this exercise as slowly as possible. Hold your body still and only move your leg. Up and down. And keep smiling, you do that already, I see!

Wow, you can do a split?! You can join the circus if you keep this up. You make a nice picture like this, Lovely.

Haha, you are overdoing it a bit now, don’t you think?

Sheebo came to help, he brought the training to a serious level again.
‘I will hold your feet, now you can train your six-pack!’

Sheebo had to show off too, here he shows his upper arm strength by lifting Lovely.

Relaxing now. We have trained hard. Now do some zen, breath in, breath out, in through your nose, out through your mouth. Let all the tension go when the air leaves your body. Close your eyes and feel the soft bed you are lying on, just relax.