Eagerly awaiting the the arrival of two parcels.
O, what would be inside..
Pictures will follow soon.

I can follow one of my parcels online, this is great!
It weighs 720 grams. Imagine, 720 grams of sheep..
The volume is 7970 cm2. That is nearly eight thousand centimeters of sheep!

De zending is aangemeld bij PostNL en wordt volgbaar (the parcel has been signed in at PostNL and is made traceable).


Zending opgehaald en in sorteerproces (the parcel has been picked up and arrived in the sorting center).

Zending gesorteerd in sorteercentrum (the parcel has been sorted in the sorting center).
The other parcel:

Zahlung erhalten (payment received)

Bestellung wird verpackt (order is being packed)

Bestellung versendet (order is being sent).
At noon the parcel arrived at DHL´s, responsible for the transfer to Holland. 
At 16.29 o’clock it arrived at Neumark, Germany. 
At 05.59 o’clock it arrived at Köln, Germany.
Shortly after that the parcel got transferred to Holland. Here we go!