The world is full of color. There is a blue sheep, pink sheep, an orange sheep,.. but there is also this black sheep. And its counterpart white. All the colors of the flock make up for the multitude of feelings one can have for sheep. Playful, intense, cute.

Did you know that magnet sheep also like to play? They are one of the smallest of the flock and just love to wanton. This is how it sometimes goes. There is one sheep that starts things up. He has to get the attention of the other sheep. He can do this by showing his tummy and spreading his limbs. This position also shows the other sheep that the playing will be in a respectful manner.

When the other sheep mirrors the behavior, showing his playfull intention, they’re good to go!

There will be some showdown. It looks a bit like dancing, but it is not. It’s just a picture that should not have been in this story. Sheep don’t dance. They only play.

The white mäh tries to overpower the black one. He lets her. There is no winning or competition involved in this kind of play. Sheep play this way because they can, not because they have to prove something. They enjoy being together like this, they need it go firm and form their personality. The black sheep enjoys seeing the white one getting on top of him. She enjoys doing this too. She knows he enjoys it. So both of them are happy for two.

“Hihi, I am on your back!”
“I know!”
“I am holding on really tight so you can’t escape me!”
“I know!”


“But you know what?”
“I can roll over you know.”
“Noooo, hihi.”
“Yes, here we go!”

The two little sheep roll around on the bed. The bed is the best place to let these small mähs play, by the way. The sheep can enjoy doing this so much, that they get a bit sheepsick by rolling around so much.

O, look! The black mäh is trying to get away. Get him!

They tumble some more.

And some more.

And some more.
Eventually they tumble out of sight.


How about you? When was the last time you played? Go and find some play in life, will you? It’s necessary. It’s fun. But more importantly: play because you can.