Sheebo and Rosa Mäh. Two sheep with a strong personality. Male and female. Both equally cute and up for a game.


There is some Scotch tape in the picture. Was this sloppy? Although Sheebo has unpacked a lot of boxes, he doesn’t recognize this tape. Nothing is wrapped so what function does this tape serve?


He has an idea and whispers this to Rosa.


“Oh, boy, I definitely am up for this!” Rosa bleats in excited tone. She puts her hoofs together, eagerly awaiting what is to come.


Sheebo is very careful with Rosa. Of course. Sheep are always careful. That is just their style. For this reason games like this can take place. A lot of trust is involved.


We don’t know who is enjoying this more, Rosa seems to be in the highest state of euphoria. Sheebo loves what he is doing. He tapes the hoofs together. While Rosa is giggling, Sheebo enjoys in silence.


We have never seen something like this, sheep taping other sheep? Who is going to unpack the sheep then? Or will Sheebo sent the sheep away as a package? But these two don’t think that much ahead, they live in the moment. This is a good thing, because it hightens the pleasure. Not looking back. Not looking forward. Just the now.


“Ohh, I am really enjoying this, you know?” Sheebo said lovingly. “I am so happy to do this with you and with no other sheep.”
“Hihihi, more, more, I want more tape!” Rosa says. “Wrap me up!”


Sheebo wraps Rosa up more. Of course he leaves her cute face free. We’re almost done now. Sheebo was getting hot, but that was only because he was wearing a warm sweater.


“I feel like a bundle of joy!”
“You certainly are.”
“I feel like a love package, wow,” Rosa says. “But what now? We’re done. Now what?”