What goes around comes around. This was not around. This was in the mähster bed. And confession sheep was just ill. P1050357

When we pushed aside the comforter, we saw how great this illness was. It was one of greatness. You probably remember being ill like this when you were young. It was kind of nice to be ill back then, because you had someone taking care of you. Now it is just you. Ill.


“Ooooh, my head, please just let me sleep,” confession sheep moaned.


“You know, this is serious business,” confession sheep changed his head aching mind: “I know we were meant to write something about mirr, about ink in hoofs.. you know.. there was enough ink to go around if anysheep would get hungry for it. It only takes one impression, and that one impression can last you a lifetime, me and dreamsheep once said. I heard one sheep calling mirr’s name, but if I remember correctly, it was in a dream, so.. err.. but.. because when dreams end, how would you know you were asleep?”


We put confession sheep back in bed, and calmed his delirium down a bit. He felt warm, and although we knew he didn’t complain much, he wanted us to take care of him. He was just like our past like this, you have to take care of that too, whether it is rambling or not.


Dreamsheep took over and watched untill confession sleep breathed so slowly that he was probably asleep. This is a calming sound, the frequency of breath. If two sheep are very closely together, their breath starts to synchronise.


Sneaking away like that does not always work, as it turned out. Especially when there is illness in the wings.


“Hey ya! Been a while! I am doing great! There is this serenity that I found recently that I can spray on me, which makes me radiate with love! Everything confessionsheep is not feeling, I am. We have this unity thing going on, and with me being happy, he is today allowed to feel somewhat bad, because together we are one. I keep him in balance today. Could be worse!”


“Shall I tell you a secret, about how that stuff works when you have this special bond with another sheep?”


“Yeah”, confession sheep said. “I would like to know too, let me in on this secret.”


“Not today,” dreamsheep said. “The best thing you can and should do is just lie in bed and rest.”


“So, what I will do for you now is put you back in bed. You have illness in the wings.”
“Illness, schmillness”, confession sheep said.


But you know how things go,.. when one sheep is sick, and the other takes care of him, the other one is also in charge of what happens.. Taking care. Caring.


Dreamsheep put confession sheep back to bed. Secrets don’t have an expiration date. At least not in our flock. Time does not end in this life, you know.


It took a bit of persuading to get confession sheep back into bed. We understand this, when the sun is out, when there is memories of big snowy balls that fell out of the sky, going to sleep is not the first thing on your mind.


But sleeping is good. Or resting is good. You don’t even have to shut your eyes, but just rest the body. The rest will follow and the illness will fly away.


“Let me cover you up nice and sweet, like the sweet sheep you are.”


“You almost are more adorable now then when you talk about things past.”


“Know that this will pass too. Maybe even tomorrow if you play your cards right.”


“And when you are fully recovered I will tell you the secret.”


“But for now, lying on your left is the best you can do. I know it’s important for you now to choose the best side of you to lie on. Like sun has moon, dark has light, under has up, good has bad, so do you have two sides. The left side is the better choice of today. Trust me”


“I’d better not tell you how I know, because we will wake confession sheep up again. Or at least his curiosity.”