Have I told you lately that we are headed towards some sort of celebration? It is not because of that that I wear this bun that I wear. Nor do my granny sized and granny colored slippers give away any clues.


As the oldest in the flock I get to enjoy the earliest beams of light. This is because Potamotrygorgeous took me outside, on this balcony of a good mirror friend. Potamotrygorgeous also knows about the celebration. In fact Potamotrygorgeous is writing the story, so whenever it looks like I am speaking, it is actually my herder.


Come to think of it, if you twirl it like that, who is this me-person that I talk about? It is exactly words like these that are inescapably linked to the person or sheep speaking. The I for me is the you for you. How can we ever know who’s who?


“You are grandmäh for me. They should have called you that”, Lovely said.


“Yes, she is grandmäh to us. They should have named her that”, Lucy said.


And if you allow me some more air time here.. we are headed towards a celebration. Some might even call it a celemähtion. Because it is because we are sheep that we are allowed to adjust every word or sentence to our sheepy liking.


The three girls, both of three, were so different from each other in age. But all three kneeled down, in anticipation of the celebration. Or.. in anticimähtion of the celemähtion.


They have heard somewhere that if you put your hoof down, things can happen.


And so three girl mähs, so different from the other one, had a common goal. Anticipate.


Lucy was the youngest of today. She planted her hoof solidly in the soil. But nothing happened!


“No, you are doing it wrong,” Lovely said. “Putting your hoof down is not meant literally. It is a figure of speech, like holding your own. This does not mean you hug yourself.


“Let me show you how it is done, putting your hoof down,” Lovely said. “See how I figurativelly put my hoof down?”


But what Lovely forgot to mention is that it was the anticipation that she let go while demonstrating this saying of hoofs put down. And because she didn’t expect anything any more, she overlooked the celebration of spring coming.