No, this is not the sound that our flock usually makes. But when green is around, sun is out, rain comes down, plans fall apart, or chocolate is around (or not [or not yet anyway]), sheep go around wiieeeeeh’ing. They can do this so intense, that they almost fall of couches.


Rosa looked out the window. She thought what if she had a choice of words that were a subliminal technique designed to motivate another sheep into being just like her and how then she could enjoy the life that she was not actually having. The thought was a bit crazy, though. And the sentence too long to  understand.


“Don’t make me say this complicated stuff, Potamotrygorgeous”, Rosa asked darlingly. “I was not thinking those things, I was more thinking of being ready to meet Lenny. He has not been in many stories yet.”


“Okay then,” Lenny said, “here I am! It seems like your wishes come true, your thoughts are magical, whatever you come up with, exists right away! Am I in your dreams also holding my hoofs in my pockets?” Lenny couldn’t pull the swagger style. He knew it, but didn’t care. Pretending a style is a style too.


“You can hold them where ever you like,” Rosa said, ignoring his hoofs and his compliments. “I am interested in different things. I was actually hoping you would bring unexpected analogies.”


“You know this is an impossibility, right?” Lenny swaggered. “You cannot hope for something unexpected. Because this will make it expected the minute you start hoping.”


‘If I cannot hope that, I want sheep telling me what I am.’


This sentence didn’t come from Rosa, because we didn’t use double quotation marks. It came from another sheep.


‘This is getting too difficult for me! Suddenly now it is me who is in the picture? Now that is what I would call unexpected! I was hoping for something else entirely!’


We asked black-faced what she said earlier. She cried a little and recalled her earlier sentence: ‘I want sheep telling me what I am.’

She was so young still.. why would anysheep so young want to be told these things? We were always the one to encourage sheep to be themselves and learn who they are while they were just being themselves.


Lenny stopped bragging. Rosa stopped hoping. There was only one thing to do. And that was to get this sheep back up her hoofs again.


Lenny offered his back, so black-faced stood a bit upright again.


Rosa supported his effort and together they made black-faced rise!


“Don’t think you know who you are because you think who you are is who others tell you you are. You are wrong if you think that,” Lenny supported from the right.

“I know you want others telling what you are. Sweet, placid, accomodating, loyal, good to have around. You want to be that adjective , and probably only feel like a noun now,” Rosa supported from the left.


“Black-faced has to find her own way in life,” Lenny said to Rosa
“The only thing we can do, is offer support,” Rosa said to us. “Black-faced has to learn to act on instinct rather than on what other sheep think.”


“And now that black-faced suddenly disappeared again, I am gonna find my way to you.. and act on MY instincts.” Rosa acted a snuggling style.


‘Disappeared? No, I just fell down .. and someone turned off the lights.. But all is good, because I know three is a flock, but also a crowd..’