No matter what the background light is, when the mail man comes, everything is all right again. Even when adresses are blurred. Or some beige-faced sheep does not have a name. No matter, because we’ve got mail! And by the looks of it, it’s sheepy stuff!


Beige-faced dove right into it. She is related to dreamsheep, but does not wear that name.


Oh, wouldn’t you come and help me with this one? There is another envelope inside this one, and I can’t get the sticky tape off of it.


Sure sweetie, let us help you to the front a bit more too, because the background light makes you not come out that well.


“Oh! And this is my wish for this sunday. To come out well in life. Better this way? I look pretty, Oh so pretty, I look pretty, and witty, and gay!”
Beige-faced sure could keep a good tune. Especially today.


This they gotta see. Black-faced joined. As did Lenny. And Rosa. They all tuned along. All gay and witty and pretty. And waiting for Potamotrygorgeous to take the sticky tape off of the envelope that was inside the sheepy envelope.


It’s a Singapore gift!


And a gorgeously written card! From a herder of a lovely flock so far away.
How can we say thank you to these writings?
The four gay and witty and pretty sheep had an idea. Because not Always you have to say something with words.


Sometimes a picture is worth just as much..