Hue hue hue, Check out Sue!P1060046

‘There is still another sister out there, Potamotrygorgeous.’P1060047

‘Her name is Candy. She has sweets in her hair. And she is as fat as me.’P1060048

‘Oh, is she there?’P1060049

She is not, sweetie. Remember when last year we said that our black-faced was the last sheep to enter the flock? If you want us to expand, something has got to eh.. what’s the opposite word of that.. inpand?P1060050

So, what do you think about this. You will cut down on expanding in size.. And we will think about expanding in flock, okay?P1060051

‘Deal! I will drink this shake, pear with soy protein, is the new sheep there already?’P1060052

‘Is she?’P1060053

You can’t drink and hope at the same time, sweetie, first things first! Now bottom’s up!P1060054