Sometimes sheep happens. This usually happens when they are busy doing other things than eat. It is this time of day that sheep just almost fall over.P1060056

‘I don’t think this fallen over. It is a static picture, not only on camera, but also in real life. He is more like hanging this way, so if anything, he is hung over.’P1060057

‘Hey, Sheebo,’ Gustav tries, ‘are you all right yo?’
The gently tapping on the nose is just like a knock on a door if you know someone’s home. If that does not work, you can always ring the bell.P1060058

So this is more like ringing the bell then.

‘Now, this is what I would call “fallen over!’ Gustav says excited.P1060060

‘Boy, I wish I was just hung over, it’s been,.. what.. almost four years now?’ P1060061

‘Let me unhood myself, I look better with my cap down.’P1060062

Gustav had a nice asset of his own too. Sheebos have hoodies, Elsas have belly buttons, Liselles have slippers, so every sheep has something special.. Gustav had an abundance of facial hair. He showed it to Sheebo.P1060063

‘I can do the same pose as you,’ Sheebo said.
‘Sure, but there is no hair to show for,’ Gustav said.

Hair or no hair, these two had to be fed. So they would stop falling over from hunger.P1060065

Gustav cuddled. Sheebo let him.
And there it was again.
The glass.P1060066

Protein with fresh strawberry,.. raspberry..P1060067

.. blueberry, blackberry, red berry..P1060068

.. and cherry! P1060069

And we topped it off with some drops of eh.. peppermint,.. eucalyptus,..P1060070

..anise, petit grain, lavender,.. P1060071

.. rosemary, clove oilP1060072

Eh, you guys?P1060073

Hmm.. turns out that that these two sheep can handle a lot of smells, but that this was overdoing it a bit. But no worries.. weird shakes of whey call for weird sheep today. Cheers! TP1060074