So. This is it. BAM. Four of the buffest boys of the flock. They ordered something. Shall we not make too much advertisement for body&fit? Have you noticed that many times it does not fully matter what you buy or where you buy, as long as it gives you a good feeling? A while ago we happened to fall for the products of B&F, but we might as well bought it at


Sheebo, Bob, Gustav and Dean have been in the sun the longest, they are among the most brown sheep in the flock at the moment. Some of them know about these things called bulking and cutting. Cutting is not done with scissors though.


Let’s just see where this leads us. Dean already saw how he could make this work, he took some sticky tape.


“I can wrap you up, like this!”
Gustav and Sheebo were more serious, and tried opening the box.


Boys will be boys. Our boys. Oh, how proud we are, they live so independently!


Opening the flap.


Falling over because of the fierceness of the opening flaps.


Looking inside.


Jumping inside.


Where have we seen this two together.. Hmm.. it was about a year ago when we saw these two male she… eh., sheep and goat.. eh.. well.. eversheep can be just the sheep (or goat) that he or she is. Live and let live, right? (


Pretending to be boxing day!


Oh, come on, you guys, show us what you bought!


Ah, some seeds we see, dried berries, raw cocoa.. Probably to spike the cottage cheese or porridge?
And what about Bob? Does he have nothing to show for?


Ah, yes, he will show off in a short while.. for these amino acids are for spiking himself.