Two single female mähs. Frances on the left. Katie on the right. Katie was supposed to be with Logan, but this was not a good match from the get go. And just follow your bliss, right? If something feels not well, end it. And please, try to stray from preconceivement. You go a longer way sometimes if you don’t know where you are going, because then you will never can say you have reached your goal. When you are born, you are given something precious: freedom. No road to take, no ending.. just you and you alone to decide WHICH road is yours. Katie decided to take the highway, together with Frances.


Two single male mähs. Oh boy, where to start. Ben, who is not always Ben, but also Mirr, and James, who, in which size he comes, has these I-love-and-want-to-hug-you!-jerking eyes.


And then there is confession sheep. Together with McDreamy he will introduce these mähs to each other, and hopefully there will be some match. The matching has to be mutual, that is the only ‘rule’; no fun in being in love and have it not reciprocated.


Ben met Frances. Ben was open minded, and he ignored Frances’ ears. Frances was sold from the get go. But.. the rule.. what do you guys think?


“He’s cute” Frances said shy.
“But them ears..” Ben whispered. “They can fly her all the way to Kiribati, like that.”


Of course Ben could speak his mind, if it is about love, then yes please speak your mind and heart. So we introduced a new mäh to ben. Katie.


Ben felt a bit ashamed for what he had said before, he felt so shallow for tripping over the sheep ears. So he didn’t feel all that worthy of looking at this new sheepy girl. Katie did look at him. Finally Ben looked back. There definitely was a spark!


“But, Potamotrygorgeous?” Katie asked. “I think I need a sheep that is a bit more soft in character. I know Ben because of his representation of Mirr and I am a bit afraid of him because of that. Because Ben.. eh Mirr sure speaks his mind, and I am somewhat dominant myself.. and eh.. I’d rather meet somemäh who complements that, if you understand what I mean?”


And so we changed sheep for sheep. Ben for James. If it were not for Katie, we would have taken him home ourselves. (oh lucky us, we are home already!)


Katie engaged with James. He talked as softly as he looked and as gentle as his character was.


“Wowie!! He’s cute!!!”


Do we have a match here?


“Can I pose with him too, Potamotrygorgeous?” Frances asked. We saw Jomos eyes but refrained from saying something. Sometimes sheep have to manage on their own.


“Oh, can I pose with him then too?”. It was Ben who asked of course. We saw how Jomo felt increasingly uncomfortable.


His teary eyes dried up a little, now seeing his Katie also be in the picture. This was his girly mäh, she was just lovely and right for him. With her on his side, even when it was not directly, he could overcome anything, even being stuck between two sheep without a match.


“I was wrong,” Ben said. “And I am not ashamed to admit that. There is greatness in speaking your heart and admitting a mistake, it can even create room to correct it.”


“Do I think what I think you are saying?” Katie said. But how was Ben supposed to know what Katie thought or even thought she was thinking? She’d better speak her mind too.


“I think you are cute, Ben,” Frances said, and she kissed him on top of his nose.
“I was mistaken,” he said back. “I didnt fall over your ears, I fell for them. I like you being not perfect, it makes you unique.”
Katie whispered something to Jomo too, but we could not hear that.


Meanwhile.. in the background.. watch Jomo and Katie go..


“It looks like we are all covered here,” McDreamy said. “Can I just ask: what about the title? Two sheep, one mäh?”


“Oh, that  is no big thing, perhaps mäh was a word joke for match, who knows.”


“But why then two sheep and one match?”
“Not everything always has to make sense, little sleepy sheepy.”


Especially when it comes to love.