A male sheep without a female sheep is just that. A male sheep without a female sheep. And when there are two male sheep  without a female sheep, it’s just that. Two male sheep without a female sheep. Sven is dorky because of his cap. Bob has spaghetti legs. No wonder why they are still single.


“Did you ..” Sven didn’t have to finish his sentence.
“Yes, I knw,” answered Bob. He didn’t even have to put an o in know.


“But why do..”
“I think it had something to do with your cap. And my legs.”


Both Bob and Sven turned around. At least they had each other.


“Let me..”
“Yeah, thanks buddy.”P1060580

“Woah, boy, this sure is..”
“I hear ya.”


“I am almost..”
“Well.. I am not, will try again in a few!”


You know, Potamotrygorgeous, there is no need for women in our lives, because we have got each other to finish the sentences. It’s a friendsheep thing.


“Been standing all..”
“You look kind of stupid like that yeah, with your back backed up like that.”


But this is also what friendsheep is about. Finishing sentences. But also looking like dorks, the both of you. Whether you wear a stupid cap or have spaghetti legs.. anyone can look like a dork, standing like this. Lucky this story is not about girls, because with all these male sheep around.. well.. you can probably finish that one..