Can I just start without using a first sentence? Or a question?


Okay then.. listen.. what I wanted to do in this room was to tell you something. I planned to uncover a story that has been untold for a long time.


I know about this story, because I know Potamotrygorgeous. The same way you recognize a singer without actually having to see him. Even when someone else sings the song, you know its owner. That won’t change. The same way goes for me. I exist. Whether you see me, whether you hear me. Or whether not.


Is it confusing? Is it? Does it make you wonder who does the writing here? Let me ask you would it matter? It does, doesn’t it? Let me ask you something different.. Have you ever found yourself liking a sentence, the same way you can instantly give birth to a smile when you smell something nice or see the face of someone you love?


Have you ever liked a sentence, and saw it wrapped in this ultimate-wrong-feeling when you heard who was the origin of the sentence? The flock differs in opinion on this topic. And so does Potamotrygorgeous by the way. That’s why I am here. Should it matter who tells the story? Fact is: it does. For some reason sometimes your feelings can be invalidated when you know the owner of the wisdom. It feels like the wrapper of a sweet secretly has been stuck to it, and you feel cheated upon with goodies. A wolf in sheep’s clothing perhaps even. My fur is real!


My opinion on it is this: humans live with these abstract wings called expectation. And with those wings they fly over people, sometimes high above them, not being able to observe them fully and closely, and often too quick to be with them long enough to really see them for who they are.


And their wings take them to certain places, where they can’t believe that people with autism have humor. Or empathy. Places where they think that peoples’ face convey their innermost thoughts and wishes. Places where they build hospitals that won’t operate obese people over 72 years, because it is not cost effective. Places where they think that if you smell a fire, there IS a fire. Places where they are king. Or egocentric, as I like to call it.


What if you could make wings out of sentences?


I wonder if I could embrace everything I said, (the same way I like to be held in brackets). What a funny world I could live in, because then I would take things face value, stop at every situation I am in, and just BE. And fully absorb my surroundings.


I digress.


The story that needs to be uncovered is still under the covers. Hence the location of the room. And the verb.


But I have found out something.


This feels really weird, coming from me.
Okay, here goes..
It does matter who the owner of a story is.


Besides, like I said, it’s covered. And maybe that is for a reason.


And although I don’t know that reason, I trust the owner.


Because it is me.