Most Kush is indica dominant; indica highs are often described as a pleasant body buzz, leaving this marijuana perfectly suitable for relaxation and an overall sense of serenity. Indica is also effective for relieving pain, and it can make you sleepy. Some indica will cause a so-called ‘couchlock’ effect, where you simply sit and enjoy the experience.

Here we go!


Taste: If anything it was a bit ‘earthy’ sweet perhaps.


Effect: At first we felt a body high, it was as if we were falling deeper into the couch, lush and lazy. We felt our limbs tingling and eventually become heavy and we didn’t feel like moving any more. The music comforted us, and it felt as if the lyrics had special meaning.


After the body high came the head high, this was unexpected because Hindu Kush was said to be Indica. We felt a combination of being uplifted and restless, and we couldn’t find a comfortable position in the couch any more. Somehow our brain took over and we were bystanders of what it produced. But we could not quite follow where our brain was taking us, nor could we take the lead to free-association-land. Mainly we felt fragments of our past. We saw images from our memory, things we thought we had forgotten. We got lost in details every time we tried to focus, after which we forgot what we where thinking about alltogether. The stream of thoughts come in wave like feelings. It’s not a continuous flow. It was a ‘pure experience’, not merely observing the images, not merely knowing it is a memory, but more an actual reliving, like you forget you are watching a movie and forget your surroundings. During this head high we didn’t quite know what to do with our body, we didn’t know how to sit, where to sit, we felt restless.


Visually it was an experience consisting of endless shades of being-in-the-moment. You don’t feel the continuity of what you are doing, it’s like living in stroboscope, and every sense has its own fractals. It also has a somewhat drunk feel. Things far away seem to be delayed on your retina. It seems as if your senses do not connect fully to your brain, or information is delayed, or the senses do not come together to form one experience; for example we didn’t even notice that the music had stopped playing untill we focused on it. Our high also made us wonder this marvelous thing of controling your limbs with your brain. It’s kind of nice actually, but we suspect that the attitude towards this psychedelic experience can lead to either creativity and pleasure or a panic attack, especially because the head high hits quite sudden and hard. We suspect that if you are not in the right mood, experiencing that your being does not consist of a full, continuous flow, can be a somewhat frightening experience.

There was a weird mixture of intense focus and lack of focus. We couldn’t quite follow our thoughts, it was as if they just streamed past us, or fragmented and fell into pieces in front of us and every time we tried to focus on them, we forgot what we were focussing on. Just like if you want to touch a hole, to find out how it feels, you close it with your finger. The same way focus shifted every time we tried to catch up. Our thoughts felt like water, it parted the moment we wanted to touch. If we forgot to turn on our ears, we didn’t even hear that the music had stopped playing.

This is exact the component that can also cause angst, because if you have seen scary things in the past you run the risk of experiencing those too.


Binge eating: smoking weed is said to cause gigantic binge eating episodes. But it is YOU who binges, not the weed. So:
1. Eat decently before you smoke, so that you know physically you are not hungry.
2. Just focus on different things, like music, or bodily sensations.
3. Have nothing around to binge on. Simple as that.
4. On a high we eat 500 grams of soft curd cheese that we always have before going to bed. Make sure you have this within reach, as moving around the house will probably not be on your priority list.


Tip: Having chocolate smelting in your mouth is awesome. The Hindu Kush makes you slow down and offers you the opportunity to focus on every aspect of enjoying tiny chunks of silky, soft and even the oily taste of chocolate. And believe us when we tell you: there is so much more to chocolate than you would imagine! The experience of being totally present when the chocolate starts smelting on your tongue, and starts sticking together, at some point we even felt our mouth to be one big playing field, where we could run around the chocolate on our palate, back and forth, like being on a slow swing. If you indulge, do it WELL: we use very dark chocolate, 99% percent cocoa chocolate (Lindt). This chocolate is so heavy and heavenly that 30 grams is enough to last you a couple of hours.


When? [I] We preferred smoking Hindu Kush during the day more than during the evening. Sleeping right after a Hindu high didn’t work for us, we didn’t know whether we were resting or sleeping, and this irritated us. We didn’t feel rested when we woke up, and even had something that resembled a hangover.


When? [II] When you want to experience something weird.