Northern Lights is among the most popular Cannabis Indica(-dominant) strains in the world. The strain is originally from Holland. Duh.


So. Here we go!


Effect: When the cannabis hit us we got the chills and had to put on extra clothing. Eventually we ended up lying on our bed, and eventually in it,.. on a so-it-felt whipped cream filled matras, under an angelically soft duvet. The body high came in phases, and it seemed as if every phase alternated AND deepened the previous one. It was very eeehhh,.. conversational is the word we are looking for.


Everything felt calm, relaxed, chill. We enjoyed the inertion thoroughly. We even thought about smoking some more, to see how that would deepen the relaxation, but we didn’t bother to get up (didn’t have any within reach, no smoking around the flock!).


The only body stone we did not quite like, was when it hit our face, leaving us to separately feel our lips, our nose, our cheeks, our eyes, our ears, our head, our skull and it was as if someone had placed a soft bandage over the different parts we felt at that time, there was a slight pressure on that part of the face. Eventually this feeling faded and the CBD flowed throughout the rest of our body.


We felt multiple facets of our body. Without chaos or racy feeling, just being totally mellow we felt how our body had a constant temperature, how our body was a living organism, keeping the temperature constant. We could almost feel blood running throughout, we could imagine all the muscles of our body and how we could relax them even more, and how we were covered with skin, that touched the material surrounding it.


When we opened our eyes, we felt really out of it, blurry, visually dizzy, but this only increased the enjoyment of closing our eyes again and enjoy the super relaxing body buzz! Northern Lights is just too mellow to cause any paranoia, you just chill on your couch, without feeling totally couch-locked, because it seems as if you feel with your head too, and not with your body only. It’s a weird thing to explain, it’s like you ‘know’ you are relaxing, and not only feel it.


Tip: If you (want to) experience a body high, you can choose to have continuous music playing in the background, no disruptions of new songs starting, or having to change cd’s or listen to an album repeat itself. Soma FM offers online streaming of almost any type of music. We can also recommend chillstep..



Comedown:  Coming out of the high was very pleasant, perhaps we enjoyed this part of the trip even more, as it wears off very smoothly, it leaves you in this limbo state of knowing you just had an incredible flight and are now looking back to enjoy it for a second time. Doing stuff during the comedown was also enjoyable, a bit wobly at first, because visually we were not quite focused yet, but we had a soft, all-is-good-smirk on our face. Or at least we think we did.


When: Good for day use and in the evening.