One of the most famous strains of cannabis world wide is White Widow, originally bred in (yep!) the Netherlands. This hybrid herb is said to give powerful bursts of energy and euphoria.


One flock member had a bad experience with this nugget some ten years ago, so we were somewhat hesitant to be widow bitten again. We took it really slow, as it is said to be a hard hitter. There was about 15 minutes between a couple of hits. We had to wait a couple of days before we could write this report, as writing during the high was difficult, and also in coming down we were too easily distracted that we couldn’t be bothered.


White Widow gave us a balanced bodily relaxation, light enought to still easily move around. It felt as if we could relax our body just because our head was racing. As if your head just did not have enough energy to keep two systems (body-brain) going, so while our brain was out there, we forgot to cramp up the way we usually do.


We had some cool psychedelic experiences. We felt how we turned into folded squares, that were standing upright, and the paper white squares were made of icy cold and light-blue sugar.


We did not quite feel how our body felt, but we felt how OUR BODY felt. For example we heard that that our legs were scared. We experienced that everything around us was our servant. Our monitor speakers were just sitting there, delivering us sound. Paper was lying around, patiently waiting for us to use it. A pen was resting on top of it. We somehow suddenly realised that we live in a place we are the center of.  We saw that everythint that is around us, is placed around us, to serve. Feeling more connected (or disconnected) to your surroundings is a known effect from Sativa strains.


We experienced the trouble of the world as they were white and light weighted ping pong balls, which reverberated on our heads. We could even play pingpong with the troubles around us, and use our heads as the bat to keep everything at bay. When the music fell out of the speakers, it seemed as if they melodic-ly told us from which side they came and entered our ears. We felt like we were all head, and that we had a laserbeam attached, so we could draw extremely detailed houses in the sky. Also looking at moving things was awesome, fractals for example. Even moving our own head gave nice sensations in itself. We played tetris with the food in our mouths. We thought that only people who make stand up comedy see the world for how it actually is.


We couldn’t quite catch up to the stand up dvd we were watching, and at the same time we thought we were the only ones to understand the deeper meaning of a joke.


We had racy thoughts, but had absolutely no idea about what, and we felt very in-the-moment. Taking a shower was very nice to do. We took things more literally, and also for-granted-things were suddenly disconnected: we wondered for example why the water company didn’t provide dry water, so we could shower without drying ourselves. We felt content, absolutely content of disappearing in ourselves, it was good to be silent, our voice didn’t even seem ours anyway. We felt how we had multiple tracks to walk in life and felt relieved because we only had to choose one. At the same time we realised that we could never put into words what we experienced. Even when writing these things down while on a high we knew that it would just come out wrong.


Eating was a delight! We enjoyed how our bowl of cottage cheese looked, just how it just sat there in front of us, in serenity, holding carrots together with cucumber in this roundness and orangeness of the bowl it was. And then to have the first taste of a piece of cottage cheese, the first sour taste, wow! We wondered, would the carots like the cucumber? It’s probably the first time they meet, as they don’t grow next to each other.


Because we were so focused on how the food would feel (their emotions), we forgot that we were eating, and were startled a bit when we realised we still had food in our mouth. For drinks we had made fennel and peppermint tea with fresh cinnamon roles in it. Although we drink herbal tea every day, this time we knew we had truly forgot the beauty of cinnamon and were happy to meet the taste again.


Coming down is as if the body slows down more rapidly than the brain can catch up on experiencing, which gave us the feeling of being in a car that suddenly slows down. The feeling faded after half an hour, leaving us tired and a bit grumpy/dissatisfied.


When: we would prefer this one on daytime. Also looking forward to spending some time on outward activities when smoking this strain.