Shiva. A wonderful experience with this ‘Destroyer’, as this strain is associated with the Hindu God Shiva. But the destruction is considered as something more purifying than anything else, since every beginning by necessity must have an ending, and this Shiva sure gets you close to the boundaries of your individuality.


If you just pretend the taste does not remind you of smelling or licking grassy mud, you are sure in for a ride! Shiva came in, like she was riding our body gently, and let us floating on water, she flowed through us like waves, first the face and then the head, then the body. We had an incredible light feeling in our body, as if we didn’t have any resistance from the air around us, we went into associative mode fairly quickly, because as we wrote down ‘light feeling in head’ we immediately thought of us being a light color, and we wallowed in our whiteness.


It reminded us of XTC, the way the THC and CBD floated through us, making us feel all light like that.


After a while a heavier feeling entered our body, and we were completely in-ourselves, without feeling any physical lassitude. We didn’t have any things, we felt like cotton balls, and time flew by.



When we smoked some more, we got to know Shiva better, how she likes to go about it; first she enters your head, gets behind your eyes, leaves a small pressing feeling on your forehead as if she straps you down safely. After that you feel you can perceive your senses separately.


This is where you just have to trust Shiva will bring you back home safely, because this is the part where things can go ‘wrong’.. it’s easy to be negatively triggered by your own thoughts or things you see or hear. We think that this is controlable by putting yourself in a surrounding that you know is all good for you (music, place, people, conversation).



And talking about positive triggers, while high we found out that one of the favorite bands of the flock is finally touring Europe and will be playing in one of our favorite cities, Antwerp, upcoming october!



Woah, we can hardly describe the feeling we got then, it was Euphoric with capital E, again it reminded us of being high on XTC, we kept falling in love, in love, in love, in love, we put the music up, started singing, had a smile on our face.



What a awsome tingling we felt! Feeling all light, elastic! Moving around felt great too. We coincided with our body, which again left us smiling sheepish and totally without worry.


We felt lush and languid, without wanting to lie down. A thick cloud of scintillations butterflied by. Again, what’s with the smiling?


Woah, love this feeling! There is a slight heaviness in our body, which we could do without, but who cares, we got lost in losing track of time.


Coming down: very easy, mellow, slow, leaving you all sober again without any groggy feelings in head or body.

P1060905 rates this strain high on the effect of happiness and we certainly agree with that! Definitely going to use this one again, especially when we have the whole afternoon off. Because for such a Godess there is one thing you need as an offer: time.