Yes. This is what we are. Sheep.


And this is what we do. Pose.


And this is what we love doing. Opening boxes.


And we also love giving Potamotrygorgeous gifts. Because if not us, who would? It’s essential in a sheep’s life to spoil at least one other sheep at least once in a sheeplife.


And while we’re at it, yes sometimes we get carried away some with this thing called Photoshop.. If only we had stuff to, like thinking about the color yellow. We think it’s not a color by the way, but a psychological state, but that’s beside the question here.


Hmmm.. there sure is a lot packed in this box..


Maybe if I just lean against it, the gift will fall out? Can I pretend to ignore gravity?


Well.. like I said earlier,.. about the color yellow.. being a psychological state.. That is subjective, right? And subjective states are irreducible, so we can’t compare it with anything. But again,.. besides the question.


Eh, whoops.. pushed too hard.. thingy fell out of the box..


Yep.. gravity didn’t forget to do her job.


So now there’s only me. And this is what I am here for. To display my emotions. To give myself to Potamotrygorgeous. To stand firmly and protect. To be inquisitive. To be a part.


Now that the gift fell out of the box.. and this yellow question is answered.. I thought about another thing.. about mistakes. I find them interesting. And I am planning to live a life containing several of them.


Hey! Are you closing up on me? It’s true what I said, the worse you do, the better you will be remembered! Okay okay, get the fallen thingy then.


And that is what Potamotrygorgeous does. Follow sheep. Sheebo brought us back to the gift. Quality sealed. Made in Germähny.. famous brand.. best in the world.. yes.. Germähns know how to craft things!


But what is it? Where’s the rest of the car?


Or the other drums?


And will you put the speakers louder if I sing in this thing? O wait, since I got the stage again..think about this.. why do humans spend so many days constructing tomorrows that they hope will make their future selves happy? Why not be here now, and there then?


Eh, Sheebo.. do you mean the mess you made HERE?
And we have to clean that NOW?
And we still don’t know what you bought us..