Everysheep is destined to influence at least one other sheep for the better. Dreamsheeptoday takes care of sheep of the past. Sheep of the past are like roads that you have taken. They may be behind you, but they still are there. And perhaps they are even there because you took them and because of where you are now. Dreamsheeptoday visits those roads. The roads less traveled, as we tend to move forward, not backwards.


And whether you just won or lost or performed an Ice Bucket Challenge and you are soaking wet, making you weigh at least five and a half times your usual weight, you can still look back in your mind. That is all you need when you move forward: yourself. Dreamsheeptoday thought about it yesterday and came up with the answer ‘nothing’ when the question was asked what she would take if she had to flee. All material things are replacable. All. As long as you take yourself with you.


“I would take my ears,” Dreamsheeptoday exclaimed.


“Luckily my ears are always with me. I cherish my senses,” Dreamsheeptoday says.


But sweetie… your ears are not your senses.. your hearing is.. And THAT is what you should take care of. It is because of your hearing that you know what silence is. We will explain.


“What is this?” she asked.
This is a stop, we said.
“No, I meant something else with my question.”
Then you should have asked that one, we said. You perhaps wanted to ask where this is going to?
“Yes. And what is this stop for?” she asked.


It is for control, we said.
“Control what?”
Control of water.
“But can’t you just then turn the tap off? Isn’t that controlling the water?”


This was a clever Dreamsheeptoday.


But think about this. If you control everything, and with everything we mean control it at the source, how can you live? You still have your hearing even when you close your ears, right? You still are able to hear later, when you close your ears now, right? Even when you would lose your ears, you would know you would still be able to hear, right?


“Right. But.. ”


You want to ask why this all has got to do with you?


“Hmm.. yeah.. kind of..”
Okay sweetie. It had got nothing to do with you, really. And because of that we just proved out point. You were afraid of water, and we diverted you, and in the meantime you let go of your craving to control, and took your first bath. How do you feel now, fooled?


“Oh wow, not at all, I feel cleansed and cleaned!”