This little cutie has been looking at us for QUITE a while now. It was he who insisted on the caps by the way. And because of his staring, because of him staring, we were forced to look at ourselves. It’s sheep’s eyes that do that. They don’t make you uncomfortable, the way human eyes can. Or they do make you uncomfortable, but that’s more about you than about them. ‘How to define the person you’re with without defining yourself?’ Sheebo asked us. ‘You Always relate. Capital A.’ During his staring contest, although he didn’t win nor did we lose, we also thought why is there so much confusion in language. If humans talk about total chaos, how does half chaos look like? And can you ‘nice something up’? Or unfunny something? Why not?
Now Sheebo was looking at us. He was confused, why ask yourself so many questions, he thought.


‘I have bought something Nice. Capital. Let me show you. It will divert many questions. You know.. knowing answers can give a very shadow feeling. Eh.. I mean shallow. But perhaps shadow is the better word. What do you know anyway if you know the answer? An abacus can put two and two together to produce four, without having any thoughts. Or depth. Hmm.. shallow would sufice here too, I see. Anyway..’P1070124

We were curious. Red is not Sheebo’s favorite color. Nor does he like bags that make high hissing sounds and that are extremely docile under your hoofs and bow down. Sheebo likes to have some resistance in his material. That means stirdy boxes come first, and only when there is nobody around, ok, then come the hissing bags.


Ah, we understand why he didn’t falter, because what does the bag say, something with he.., something with mäh? Sure this must be a sheepbag. For Sheebo. A Sheebag!


‘Will you make another picture of me, Potamotrygorgeous, but more from the side?’
Sure sweetie, will you tell us why?


‘Because then you will show up in the mirror.’


Haha, gotcha! You really looked at the previous picture, to see where we were, didn’t you?
It’s never about Potamotrygorgeous. It’s Always About Sheep. And this time it’s our turn to turn on the capitals. Please, Sheebo, continue, you wanted to send us floating on this question free living.


‘Well, it’s not that I send you away, it’s something that you can do yourself. Go to a store, and buy some cards. Buy even more of the same card if you like the same card more than once. I mean, humans can stay with other humans for longer than one day, right? Why can’t you then also not have the same card more than once?’


Eh.. we don’t quite understand.. Sheebo, will you explain?


‘Sure thing! It’s funny how the ownership of written words is less than when you speak your mind. And even less so if one lets sheep speak.. but okay.. I’ll give it a try and rephrase what you wanted to say all along..’


‘Life is fan-flocking-fastic, no matter how you relate to others, because the beauty is this: you can Always change that way. Think about it for a change: decide to think about giving away a couple of brain parts. Not to remove them, but put them up for rent. So then humans can say they’ve got a place at the beach, AND another place in Potamotrygorgeous’ head. Good, huh?’


‘I mean it, consider it at least. And stop that ongoing pressure to enjoy. It’s partly that pressure that causes for those weird questions you keep asking all the time. I don’t mind them, because my eyes will never judge, but I think that you and your eyes do. So give them up too, those judgements.’

P1070134 ‘And knowing you, you probably need time to reflect on this, am I correct?’ Sheebo asked.
He was.


‘If I can have my final say, also stop the reflecting part for the day; the cards are awesome, well done on the purchase, and well done on the story, I don’t care who gets the credit; I especially like it that you bought more than one of each card by the way. Cherish them, write them, send them. Write them to people who can do with an extra place to stay. In your heart.’