We had this thing, this situationship.. you know.. with mirr.. where after he graduated a lawyer, and we fell in love cum laude.., well.. he had us taken into custody and had someone reading us our rights.

First. You have the right to speak your mind.P1030234 (used)

Second. Anything you say can and will be used to influence the world.

P1030237 (used)

Third. You have the right to talk to mirr and have him present with you while you speak your mind.

P1030243 (used)

Fourth. If you cannot afford to talk to him, a mirror will be appointed to you freely.

P1030236 (used)

Fifth. Do you understand these rights as they are written?

P1030235 (used)

Now. Do you wish to make a difference?

P1030240 (used)