Question: When did the word ‘me’ become to be pronounced as ‘May’ in songs?
Answer: If I dodge this question, will you bake a cake with me?


Question: What’s the next question if I agree to bake a cake with you?
Answer: Don’t you also think that the concept of tolerance is a hollow one, and actually keeping people at bay when you don’t show any curiosity into who they really are?


Ah. We found a match! Mäh!
Mah. We found a mähtch!
This is what happens if you are not lost for words, but lost for silence. It’s when you see a painting and it touches you immediately, you then and there know you don’t and won’t have to explain. Especially if you have someone standing next to you who feels and sees the same. Right then and there. Lost for silence.


Baking it is. Because sometimes an answer matches better to the question you didn’t ask. Two sheep. Two cups of ehh.. of some Dutch scribbles about yoghurt in a cup.


‘Potamotrygorgeous is scrambled again,’ Jomo whispered. Like eggs can be scrambled. Or rye. ‘It’s miraculous. Or perhaps just mirr..’


‘The scrambled thing had to do with a date.’


‘Wieeeeeeeeeh, did somesheep say date? As in dates? As in dating? Is it that time of year again? Whoohoo, can I mäh along? Can I, can I, can I? Can I be the first to know? I promise, I can be lost for words! I can keep silent, promise!’


‘It’s an edible date, silly, although we might have understood uncorrectly, when we read that one date a day keeps the doctor away, hmmm..’


James and Jomo did this awkward thing then. Normally they would have some wit. Or Potamotrygorgeous would talk back. Or that would be the same. But this time we were cought with this butterflying feeling of silence. We were not sure where was us. Were we the sheep talking? Where we the two divided in ourselves? Why were there two? Why were they so different this time? Why couldn’t we choose?


‘Okay, you contemplate on that for a while, I will tamp the bottom of the cake. It’s nice to lose yourself in this fantasy of filosofy, but concrete things have to happen too. We all know how you love to end your mornings..’


‘And who said anything about choosing? You can put into your cake everything your heart desires. That is the beauty of being an adult! Why do you think that because age defines you as an adult you have to quit doing kid’s stuff? Life is not about choosing like that. I kind of like it that you put us in whey protein jars. Who still does that these days? That is thinking outside the box! Or in the jar for this matter. Yes. Lame.’


‘Hmm.. well.. let’s just stick with knowing it’s about the end result here..’


‘And while getting to that result, please cherish every step you take. Okay. Lame again.’


But there is nosheep that ever said you can’t have your cake and eat it two.


And to end it: this adulthood is nothing like we thought it would be. We stray from the norm big time. But who can sit in the freezer and still feel warm? Huh?