There was a content snoring sound in the bed. Or was it just our ears that still rang from the evening before? It didn’t come from Jomo, that’s for sure, as he was wide awake. Well, his eyes were open. He seemed frozen somehow. Was he in shock?


‘I have ehh.. no, I can’t even say it..’


When we looked further, there were purple thingies lying on the bed.


‘No, really, you better not do this, Potamotrygorgeous, it’s bad enough that I have seen.. I mean, the whole flock is talking about it, some things are just, ieergghh.. no I can’t say it.’


Now we really were curious.


‘Eh Potamotrygorgeous? The position I am standing in doesn’t make things any more tasteful.. don’t say I didn’t warn you now..’


‘He’s right, you know. Some things cannot be unseen. We have seen it. And you better not.’


Out of mäh way!


Err you guys.. are those.. is that boots that we see?


Oh, jeez.. durex.. boots.. someone’s been kicking it? You got to be kidding me..


‘We can’t control you, nosheep has control over another sheep. We can only have your best interest in mind and tell you: you better not.. And please do not put us with our asses towards each other like that again, it’s not very becoming.. well.. on second thought.. after last night everything is becoming..’


WE HAVE TO KNOW! What happened last night? Is there somesheep in the bed? Whose socks did we just see? And the condoms? We do applaud the safe sex business, so somesheep has been wise for sure,..


‘Okay, your call. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Better yet.. don’t say anything at all when you uncover this duvet..’