The sheep most unknown to us is Leroy. He came with Betty, but he doesn’t seem to fancy her much. They match in shoes, not in the color of the shoes, but just in shoes. That is about the only thing they have in color. Oh, okay, perhaps their akward name too, although Leroy sounds nothing Like Betty.




‘This is my friend you are talking about. You are right. He is nosheep’s appurtenance. It is not that because he is a male, that he should be with a female. And it is not that because he is without a female, he should find himself one.’

‘Some things don’t need change. And because of that, he is the embodiment of opportunities, just because of the way he is. Starting as today, he is weeksheep.’

‘Hmmm, McDreamy? I appreciate the introduction here.. but can we gab about that a little more? It’s perhaps not a good name for me, because if one would only read this story, they might hear it as weak sheep. And then again I am categorized and seen accordingly. Darn,.. how language can determine reality..’


‘But that can be something then to put on your list!’ McDreamy sheep said.
Leroy couldn’t follow.


Okay, you guys, let’s just back it up a sec.

Start anew, will you? Maybe you make more sense to each other if you look at this from a greater perspective. P1070898

‘Okay,’ McDreamy said. ‘It’s like you said. Language can determine reality. It can suffocate you if you act upon the stereotypes you think belong to the categories humans put you into. But you can turn it around too. Bare with me..’


‘If you would see your day as yours to fill. The week as yours to have. Your life as yours to live.. then you are free to decide what to do with that.’

‘Remember the saying “make my day”?’P1070901

‘That phrase was not born because a certain movie needed a catch phrase. It literally means make my day. You can make your day. By planning.’

‘So perhaps the misunderstanding with ‘weak’ is not that far off. You decide for yourself how weak you look. But you can also decide how your week looks. By deciding beforehand what you want to happen.’

‘A bit abrupt perhaps, but I think we’re done here.’


‘Still not too happy with the name week sheep though..’
‘Hey, do you think I always want to be associated with that dude from Grays Amähtomy?’

‘Hmm and what about the name Potamotrygorgeous, what’s that all about?’
‘No idea, man.’