‘You know’, Ben said, ‘there exists such a thing as Santa mäh.’
Gustav couldn’t believe his ears. P1070914

‘But you can only see him if you believe in him,’Ben continued.
Gustav found this a bit more believable. He didn’t believe in Santa Mähs, but he considered it a good thing when others would. Some sheep just don’t need Santa Mähs in life, he figured.

‘Errr…’ Gustav was lost for words.
Ben was filled with joy, he knew that Santa Mäh would arrive.P1070916

‘Stay back, Ben’, Gustav said, ‘I will protect you, this probably is a fake one.’P1070917

Santa Mäh knew this would happen. He stood up. Just like that.
Ben and Gustav felt like little sheep again. Ben excited like the four-year old he always remained after that birthday. Gustav still in disbelief. He didn’t believe in Santa Mäh. So this must be something different. So he thought.P1070918

Santa Mäh showed something. Gustav and Ben had to really zoom in to see.P1070919

‘What’s this?’
‘Who’s this?’P1070920

‘Hey Ben, are we really doing this? I mean, Santa Mäh doesn’t exist, right?’
Ben replied. ‘He exists only if you believe in him. It’s the same thing with positive things,.. like love. And forgiveness. And being sweet and gentile to yourself.’P1070921

Gustav trusted Ben. Partially because Ben is mirr. He found it a bit unbelievable that things can become visible only if you believe in them. He wondered.. would that mean that if you don’t believe in bad intentions, that you will not get or feel hurt by painful remarks? That would be a great gift indeed, and if Santa would bring that gift, he would accept it fully, for sure! P1070922

‘Hey little cutie!’ Oh, how lovely the sight of sheep welcoming a baby mäh.
Santa Mäh kept silent the whole way. He knew his present was in the best hands he could think of. P1070923

‘Can he stand?’ Gustav was curious.
‘Oooh, he can stand!’ Ben replied. P1070924

‘Santa?’ Gustav wanted to know how it was possible that he could see him.
Ben was more captivated with the new flock adding. It felt like he had a little brother he could teach a lot of things. P1070925

Like walk around some, showing the world. The same way humans show you around in their house, sheep show you around in life. P1070926

Hey, hey! Did I hear you are planning a life warming party? Why Am I not in the picture?


You are sweetie, you just didn’t believe you would 😉