It’s official. You can’t turn it any other way. Well, you can, but nobody would understand lɐᴉɔᴉɟɟo s,ʇI. Nor laiciffo s’tI. Or Iʇ,s oɟɟᴉɔᴉɐl. It’s terrible. And it’s official!P1080003

Some things are just too horrible to acknowledge, you know. I am terribly upset! Not that it happened, but that I found out. And that it’s official now.P1080004

I knew it longer already. I could have known. I should have known. Some things don’t change. P1080005

I just hoped it would be different this time. That it was different. P1080006

I closed my eyes for the truth, hoping it would then not be true. P1080007

Oh, the feeling of disappointment, while it’s not even about me!P1080008

Why does this get to me so much? Somesheep perfect isn’t perfect any more.. oh the horror..P1080009

I can barely stand it, to say it out loud. I wish I was oblivious.P1080010

This is going to upset my whole Monday. Moreover: I am going to use this as an excuse to flock-up my whole Monday.P1080011

‘I understand fully. It’s part of growing up.. There there.. I’m here for you.. We’ve all experienced something like this. Or going to.’P1080012

‘Hey, do you mind? Please, give the girl some space to mourn!’P1080013

‘Are you still filming? The girl just… nah.. I am not even going to say it out loud.. it’s a huge thing, believe me, let her be today okay?’ P1080014

‘Now, beat it!’P1080015