There we were again. Baby dream sheep faced the right direction; away from others watching. Especially the past. But she faced a wall, and found herself stuck. Jomo could have come to the rescue. But he didn’t. He knew dream sheeps handle their own. So he was just there.


So what Jomo did was just holding hoofs, until the right sheep came along. Jomo had peace with that. He didn’t feel replaced, nor unneeded. He knew it’s not because he’s a sheep that he can easily connect with just any other sheep. It’s quite difficult especially, call it impossible even allmost, to connect with dream sheep. She serves a function. And you can’t connect with ‘function’.


‘You again..’
It was confession sheep. He was just there on time. Just right. But then coming from the left.


‘Hey, baby D, it’s him again, he’s still a bit fuzzy, but it’s him!’


Confession sheep was old, he carried so much that it was difficult sometimes to stand up straight. His voice was so hmmm.. the two small sheep just wanted to hug his voice.


Confession sheep sat down.


‘See, it’s him?’ Jomo said excited.
Baby dream sheep saw it too. It was her first time. It was as if it was her first time. She didn’t quite know how to hold her composure. How should she know the desire of the sheep she would be later this day? But then again, how should she not? She rather thought about it than getting there,. it was forestalling pleasure.


Jomo knew his place.


And he left the two of them to talk.


‘It’s time, baby D,’ confession sheep said warmly. ‘You know of my liaisons with dream sheep, right? About meandering earlier in May? The shadows of April? Bridging over troubled sheep in March? I have been here all along, I will allways be.’


‘And one day, baby D, you will inherit what I have cleaned up for you. I will teach you to call that looking-at-the-grass experience green, and so you will. The thing is this, if you remember your past too well, you run the risk of starting to blame your present for it. This is what I not want. What I want is to savor the flavors you want in life.’


‘And one day you will meet mirr. And he will take you through life, making it a day-time lasting detour on your way forward. Mirr will say weird things, mostly in black and white, it will confuse many. Mirr will cover you in the scent of cinnamon.’


‘Cinnamon…’ baby D thought.. ‘it had this exotic sound to it. Why was that? Because it started with sin?’


‘What did you mean by separating past and present?’ baby D asked.


‘She is wise beyond her years, Potamotrygorgeous,’ Confession sheep said when extending her hoof to us. ‘You chose her well, thank you for this gift.’


This is what herding is about. When you follow what is really inside, you will inevitably do the right thing. And then the herder will follow the sheep. And then the sheep will follow the herder. And both sheep and herder can follow their own.


And then maybe some day.. some day..


They are ready..


To live separately from each other.