And so we did take sheep 1 outside, like sheep 8 promised he would do. But sheep 8 is us, as we are sheep 1. All fragmented, all flocking crazy. Fragmented and fluffy. All over the place. All our sheep sometimes speak in an orgy of utter chaos, in English, German, French, Greek; even their Hebrew is skewed. A silent invisible traveler emerged to our consciousness: a thought that had been with us perhaps for years but that needed time to germinate. We were not ready to tell, though.


We took her outside instead, where she walked around till past meadow time. We swam together, laps we swam, in Jack Daniels. We substituted the word believe for know and threw away all antipsychotic meds in the world. We had high speed competitions, with no winner, because the competition was conversation. Sheep 1 was able to distract meaning that emerged from the interconnections between hundreds of letters that themselves did not contain this element.


Oh, how we felt comforted by sheep only. They were the shadows of our sensations. They willfully selected our words which we then would involuntary utter and which we would pretend we hadn’t said. It was all sheep, not us. But what came before the beginning? There is no visual counterpart of nothingness, not even outside or around the corner. Emptiness also occupies space and we needed borders in order to determine shapes. And shapes they gave us. Shapes. Sheeps.


Because of her we were finally back in that moment, you know.. that virtual recipe that steals from both the recent past and the immediate future. If you put it in a kaleidoscope you get a present that is spread out over time, a sort of ‘thick’ present it was.


And while walking with Potamotrygorgeous, sheep 1 wondered and looked up to the sky.. what if emotion is an optical illusion too, like time is, she wondered? She thought that only by naming something, it comes into being. She thought of baby d.. a nameless sheep at first. Prior to naming your sheep the nameless sheep could be anyone, the same goes for purpose.. a nameless but essential mental state.


But we digress. We are not sheep 1 of course. Allthough we love her to the moon in the back.