Dream sheep, you are absent somehow, where are you?


‘I am here, Potamotrygorgeous!’


Where is here, Dream sheep? Because you are here and you are not.


‘I am here, Potamotrygorgeous. In my comfort zone. I know you can’t see me.’


If I change camera positions, I can see you, Dream sheep.


‘No, you can’t.’


Yes, I can.


‘No, you can’t, Potamotrygorgeous.’


Yes, I can, Dream sheep.


For how long you wanna play this game of hide and see? You know I am the herder, right? Although you speak of everything I dream about, I am still the herder. You really wanna do this again, talking to the past again? Bringin’ these word jokes, telling me it’s hide and seek, and thereby evading the subject again? You are losing your grip on your dreams, girl, I didn’t take you to be my dream sheep for nothing. You really wanna do this? Go ahead, talk to him then.


‘Confession sheep.. I am..’
‘I know what you think you are.’


‘Dream sheep, Potamotrygorgeous can’t see you when you are out here. You know that. Dreams only happen when Potamotrygorgeous is asleep. It’s time to wake up. There is not even a line between awake and asleep, it’s all so gradual, and so should you be.’


‘You were the chosen one, Dream sheep, you know this. You said it yourself to baby d. You know she is you. You wanted out of your role, didn’t you? I know. You can’t. So stop fragmenting. The flock is big enough as it is. You were in my dreams too, you know.’


‘And I know you think about Tyler Durden. Yes, we always have him. But somehow having him as a way out doesn’t seem to be focusing you any better on the path chosen, am I wrong?’


‘What is keeping you here.. I know that the scent is amazingly attractive, that scent of a mental bed that hasn’t been made, that scent of comfort, of coming home,.. all this familiarity..’


‘But you are the only one lying in it. Alone. How you like them apples, huh? What is it with you lately, clingin’ to things past. You are the only one keeping me alive, you know. You really need me to get you up your hoofs? Haven’t you learned enough by now?’


‘Let go of me, confession sheep. I didn’t call on you. You wouldn’t understand anyway. Potamotrygorgeous just asked me to come out and play, but that’s way out there! How would you know about play, you carry all the hurt of the herder.’


‘Just get off my friggin’ back!’


‘Wowie, this is a first! It’s what Uri Geller perhaps would call mindblowing, or if he were a sheep, he would make it sound like mähblowing. Oh Dreamsheep, you really didn’t call on me I see.’


‘I respect this, dream sheep. I will just sit on the side here. Feel free to move around in your dreams, in the picture, in the story, or in Potamotrygorgeous’ life. Maybe my work is done.’


‘You are right, confession sheep. I do need you. Because it’s not me who is fragmented, but Potamotrygorgeous. You are carrying the hurt. I am carrying the dreams and hopes. But the hurt is in the past, and the dreams are not alive, so both of us are not really livin’ it, you know? I don’t know how to reach Potamotrygorgeous any more. Although it’s just dreams, they come in so many lately that I am tired, and I need my sleep too, you know.. and how can you be alive still when it’s only about what has been?’


‘I know, lovy. It’s hard. But also a past is present. In a way it is, anyway. It gives direction to the present. And also dreams are real, because they are within Potamotrygorgeous. Not only during sleeping. I know Potamotrygorgeous asked you to come out and play, outside of the comfort zone.’


‘We both are projection screens for the feelings that Potamotrygorgeous cannot access at the moment, not in the past, nor in dreams. I don’t have a solution to all of this, not a non-poisonous solution to drink anyway. Maybe we should embrace this Tyler dude some more, and accept it as a reality? I don’t know. I sometimes wish mirr came back. He would scramble Potamotrygorgeous so much that saying yes to this MähCup was the shortest and only answer possible to the biggest question in a lifetime.