Begin one. “Improvement begins with you.”
Reply one. “No, improvement begins with I.”

This not how this started. It started on a Friday. But that is not how it started. Because stating a day is not giving a cause or a reason. And the whole this-thing is also not clear. We found two girly mähs on the master bed. One of them was moaning. That was a funny sound, usually our sheep sing, or bleat. The moaning was new.


“Three girly mähs, Potamotrygorgeous,” Rosa said. “I was also on the bed, but out of sight. But you are right, I am not the one who is moaning.”


“That would be me,” Elsa said. “I don’t know what is wrong with me. It started this morning. Normally I sing!”P1080602

“Yes,” Katie said. “Normally she is very upbeat, and when she is in a really good mood, she is up tempo too! She sings beautifully. I can learn a tune or two from her.”


“But now…” Elsa said, “uhm.. it’s not the sound per se, but the pain..”


“What? We just thought you found a new repertoire and was trying something out. But pain.. this is worriesome..”


“Yes, worrysome,” Rosa said with a Y. “Where is your pain?”


When Elsa said it was in her stomach, Rosa and Katie tried to uncover what the problem was. But there are so many things you cannot see, what a huge difference between looking and perceiving. But this wasn’t about perception. Pain is never visible, whether you are a visionaire or not. Sheep are powerful, but even they couldn’t see.


“Is it under your dress?” Rosa asked.


What the best thing is of our sheep is that they always know what to do. They know when to stop searching. They know when to continue searching. They know when to continue elsewhere. They know when to call for help with searching.


And Katie knew something that nosheep knew yet.
And while Elsa was resting, being held motherly by Rosa, Katie went and got it.


“I think this is the solution. And if it is, I know what the problem is,” she said.


“Chalk?” Rosa didn’t know. “Should we write a letter to Potamotrygorgeous and ask for help? Is the chalk for that?”


When Katie said what the thing was, the other two sheep couldn’t believe it.


They giggled so hard that they fell over.


“But I am right, right? This is what she needs, right?”


“Eh, it’s a funny thing, it’s just.. hmm.. I don’t know.. she said to put it.. nah, I can’t even say it out loud. Do you have another so I can look again?”



“I just can’t believe it. This whole thing? All of it?”


“Shall we help you, Elsa?,” Katie said, and lifted up the skirt a little. “It doesn’t take away the pain, but it is somewhat a solution to what you have this Friday. You have your first mähnstruation. That means today is a happy day, although you moan, but this means that you have become a femähle, and now you are maybe able to have little baby mähs!”


“Yes I will help you too, I know now how it’s done,” Rosa said.


“Potamotrygorgeous, just to double check.. you are sure? It goes in?”


And off they went.


“You guys! This doesn’t fit at all! This day sucks.”


“See? Doesn’t fit at all. I am calling it moanstruation day! And this thingy doesn’t help one bit!”


“Potamotrygorgeous, maybe you should have taken a little more time explaining which hole..”