Ever thought about that certain time span where and when you didn’t say what you wanted to say? Either to yourself or to the other? Or perhaps to your future self? It’s like mental growing pains, but then called silent years, marked for life. It is never, not ever, too late to speak up. Whether it is fifteen minutes later, a marriage later, a country later, or whether your silence was born in 2012. It is never to speak up, if you do it from your heart.

Maybe you are marked for life. But that not defined by that, nor confined by it. Can you perhaps even see it as a starting point? And that you see that you are able to embrace what you are so eager to give to others, and embrace it for yourself? Are you able to be as nice to yourself, and you alone, as you are to others? Why not buy yourself, and yourself alone, flowers? And.. why not today?