Lovely Lynn. Every member of our flock teaches us new things. This girl took us outside today, in the freezing cold, with no gloves on, holding a camera, because she wanted to see the pedestrian bridge and be framed, posing on this bridge. So. Here we are. In the freezing cold, gloves come off (we didn’t even bring any – we don’t even have any!), holding a camera.

Lovelynn talked about this nonjudgementalistically style that you can wear and that if you are to judge, that it be on atmosphere, instead of on appearance. There is some magical thing inside of everysheep, and that is intuition. Use it, if something feels good, it probably is, regardless of what others say, want, see, feel or talk about. It’s not about them. It’s about you. When somesheep is fun to be around: take it and make it! Have That fun!
So. Yes. We will go out more. In the freezing cold. Holding a camera.
Because of her.
And maybe consider buying some gloves.