She is the most mysterious sheep of the bunch. Only two days in and she has us wrapped around three of her hoofs, but what’s more is she has us in this curious mode. Who is she? She is not her name, although we call her Lovelynn. We see she’s a sheep, but there is more about her. There is perfection, but also this abstract concept doesn’t define her. Perfection doesn’t define anything, for that matter. There is something-not about her. Name it, and she isn’t. Name it not, and.. there you go.

Lovelynn -we do name our sheep, otherwise two hundred sheep tag along- turned things around, being two days in. She took Potamotrygorgeous outside. She led the focus away from confession sheep. She caught a furtive glance from black-faced sheep. She defied temperatures below zero (do we mean emotional temperature? Or are we just celemähting the last freckle on the face of winter?) She opted for 100 grams of carrot cake on a Saturday evening and said not to lay side by side with a loved one, but back to back, and so we did.