That stupid voice is back. The one that always says the opposite of what I say. But instead of it being a voice that has always commented to me, it was a voice that always said what she really wanted to say, but what I did not. I said other things, not because I wanted to show me. Actually it was a ‘non fine’ to her how I felt a certain situation. But I said, ‘Oh, I do not care. She asked what was happening to me now. I do not know, I’m going to talk louder in this situation, I believe. She said my body withdrew. Damn.

They should be able to have me, otherwise I fall to pieces. They need to know how serious I am because different captures are not good. She shakes me back and forth like a fruit salad Delmonte, you know, in such a shiny, greyish round flat look. The mass in the can is sealed weak. Not hard to shake, that fruit is fragile. I’m completely lost. She keeps asking questions, leave me a moment alone, I’m always overtaken, can not leave.

Suddenly it’s quiet …