Who you are.. Would it depend on the background you find yourself in front of? Would it depend on the eyes behind the camera in front of you? Would it depend on how you are photoshopped?

Or doesn’t visibility not make up who you are? If not, then what?

Are you your hurt?

Are you your upside down smiles?

Are you your family gatherings?

Are you the dissonant melody? Or a grammar mistake?

Are you that missed appointment?

Are you the forgotten color of your first panties?

Are you six bars of chocolate?

Are you the quarrels with police?

Are you the sister someone never had?

Are you the loneliness you feel at a concert?

Are you the stolen idea to put beans in a cake low on fat?

Are you the pain in your stretched ears?

Are you the decisions you made?

Are you the financial debts you recently discovered to have?

Are you the saliva you put on American envelopes?

Are you your third i-Phone?

Are you the minutes spent in front of the mirror?

Are you the mother of someone who hasn’t been born yet?

Are you?

Does who you are really depend on things that surround you? Do things that are perhaps typically you define who you are? And if they do, is that who you are?


Wouldn’t we be the exact same if we changed it all? Aren’t we just a memory of ourselves? A full-body feeling that needs a mirror for self-reflection? Isn’t that who we are? It’s time we take the flock outside more. To sit in the sun, and change some backgrounds.. And if we take some pictures, maybe you are in them too.