Every sheep is unique. They know it. You know it. Sometimes you have a little more unique sheep than usual. Did you know that? It’s when a sheep has white eyes.


White eyes make this sheep special. It makes him extra special. With his white eyes he can see all the good in others. It’s like wearing pink glasses, but then white.


With his white eyes Swan thinks he is posing with another white sheep.


‘Hihihi, the white sheep is tickling my hoofs! It’s been a while since somesheep touched and tickled me there, oooh!’


‘I think I am going to take this sheep with me, Potamotrygorgeous. He fits me just fine, with him being white and all.’


‘You okay with that, white fellow?’
But the white sheep didn’t move an inch.


No matter how hard Swan pushed.


Or tried mounting him to ride him home.


Or tried grabbing by the ears so he would listen.


Some sheep just don’t budge. And that is what makes them special.



This swan is for sale.

He comes with hoodie and incredibly soft sweater and has a unique personality, this is the only swan we made with white eyes.

No profit is made with swan. You pay for material (30 euro) and transport only (from 9 euro and up, depending on transport destination).

We ship world wide.
Payment safe and quick via PayPal.
Inquiry via Facebook or leave a message below.

We can also make swans in other colors, just let us know: