Working irregular hours? Had a bad night? Or a good party? Make sure you have your breakfast prepared already. Research has shown that sleep deprivation causes you to overeat. When you are tired your appetite is bigger than when you would have had a good night’s rest. And when given a choice, people who are sleep deprived also choose a larger portions of food to eat than they would have chosen if they had gone to bed early. So you would say have a small breakfast and get on with your day, right?


Before you do..there is more. Even if tired persons do have a normal sized breakfast and feel their appetite decreasing, they still long for snacks, more so than other people do. It is thought that sleep deprivation not only makes the hunger hormone rise (which causes you to overeat), but also activates those parts of your brain that are sensitive for reward (which makes you crave for snacks).

So if you’re planning that jet lag, take your prepped morning meal with you, and leave those snacks at home.

Source: Hogenkamp, P.S., Nilsson, E., Nilsson, V.C., Chapman, C.D., Vogel, H., Lundberg, L.S., Zarei, S., Cedernaes, J., Rångtell, F.H., Broman, J.E., Dickson, S.L., Brunstrom, J.M., Benedict, C., & Schiöth, H.B. (2013). Acute sleep deprivation increases portion size and affects food choice in young men. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 38 (9), 1668-1674.