If there is anything that Dream Sheep taught us was to focus on things future, and not on things past. We can build our future, as we can our mind and body. And so we eat, train, rest and repeat. And in the meantime the flock makes us the most delicious, healthy beans & apple pie, high in protein, with natural sugars, low in saturated fat, high in fiber.. So here it is.. beans & apple pie.


Serves… ehm.. eight?
Per person 121cal
(10g protein – 13g carbs – 1 g fat – 4 g fiber)

Mix together the following ingredients with a blender until you have a smooth pastry:
Brown beans 260g
Coconut flour 20g
Buckwheat flour 20g
Soy protein isolate 50g
Almond milk (unsweetened) 210ml
Egg white 220g
Gingerbread spice 20g (or if you want to learn Dutch: koek- en speculaaskruiden, if it’s not available in your country, please contact us, we’d love to hook you up with a sample of this amazing spice)
Baking powder 8g

Slice 225g apple in small and thin parts and whisk the fruit through your pastry with a spoon. Put the batter in a preheated oven (175 degrees) and leave for about half an hour. Check with a needle whether the inside is still sticky or not. If it is sticky, bake for another 15 minutes (unless you like your pie sticky).

Recipe is inspired by http://www.meetyourmacros.com