‘He’, dream sheep said.
‘Yes, he,’ confession sheep said.
‘Maybe a him.’
‘Yes, but definitely a he.’


‘It wasn’t all that bad, was it?’ dream sheep said out loud. ‘All these years?’
‘If this is just saying stuff out loud, you don’t need to make it into a question,’ confession sheep replied.


‘But I mean, if it’s a he, then there must be more!’ dream sheep exclaimed.
‘Could be.’
‘No, I mean, think about it, dialogues have been much overrated, wouldn’t you say. It’s not what you say to the other mäh, it’s what you say to yourself.’
‘Dream sheep,’ confession sheep said, ‘if you put it like that..’


‘I don’t know what I prefer, though. If I had to choose between being a he, or being a him.’
Confession sheep didn’t know why dream sheep was whispering. Perhaps it was because in his opinion a him and a he were just different sides of the same sheep, if it’s a male that is. Instead he listened and let dream sheep whisper some more.
‘I mean,’ dream sheep continued, ‘it’s either him, or about him, he or about he, and in the first person it is he who looks in the mirror and in the third person it’s someone else looking at his reflection. Big difference.’


‘Like I wanted to say before, if you put it like that, it sounds like a tough decision,’ confession sheep said.
‘Yeah.’ Dream sheep sighed.
‘But what if you choose not to make that decision at all,’ confession sheep continued. ‘Not every decision is there for the making. Some are just laid out for you to look at, to ponder over, to embrace even. It’s not like a cross road that is laid out and that forces you a right or left for continuation of your journey. Ever considered not walking the paved path at all? Or not paving anything at all in the first place? Or perhaps just dream that you are going somewhere?’


Dream sheep asked: ‘Do you mean that because we invent words like left or right that we think we must choose? Because if you put it that way, the same goes for time. We divide that in past, present and future too. But that is necessary, right, I mean., we can’t live in all three of them at the same time, can we?’
Confession sheep knew a brain connection was being born in the head of dream sheep. Soon the him and he question wouldn’t be asked any more either.


Mirr entered the static scene. Dream sheep and confession sheep were frozen in their thoughts. ‘I think we would make a [..] trio,’ mirr said, ‘and I am fine with not knowing which adjective should be chosen to be placed in between the brackets.’