When she spoke, she sometimes turned the u and the o around, and said yuo to me. One time she called me her lifebuoy. I knew she took pride in meeting people whose name didn’t contain either of those letters. I was lucky being that person, next to another lucky person. It is because of her that I know of this unique kind of love, called ‘tolerance’. Sometimes it’s the best, sometimes it’s the best you can get, she said. She made a big deal about the difference this, as it was the difference between settling down and settling with.

And when I wouldn’t listen, she would turn the volume of her Rokit way up from down, pointing to the 10 on the knob, partially in Dutch shouting that when it’s not ‘de bedoeling’ to see red lights going off on your system (or neighbors calling the police, but that would give blue lights..) why then put that knob there?

I did good seeing her for the gem she is. I did good giving her the songs that I did. I like her loud.