You might wonder, does she sleep? She does, she did anyway, when she was with me, she sept at least until half past two, and then some voice woke her up, urging her to put in effort to see what someone was signaling. I had to close my eyes too.

It went on for so long that eventually I started believing she spoke some truth, and I saw lights go on and off too. Over and over again, short, long, short, short. Everlasting. I was to tired of work to think about what loss you might experiencing not knowing your full alphabet, the same loss perhaps that I feel for not knowing sign language. Or Russian for that matter. It was real though, the signaling was real. I did not imagine it. The signing was real. Light of, light on. I opened my eyes. The signaling didn’t go away. It was so much information, I didn’t know what it was all about, but as it continued, I knew it was serious and her and I continued waking up more. Lights on. Off. On.