Like I said, it was so much information, I didn’t know what it was all about, but as it continued, I knew it was serious and I continued waking up more. Lights on. Like I said. Off. On. We laid in bed, awake, listening. The lightning didn’t talk. We had to watch. She got up, in a 90 degrees angle only. I opened my eyes. Lights on. Off. On. On. It came from somewhere. She was awake too, wasn’t she? Yes, she said.

Who was doing this? And why? And why now? I got out of my dreams and thought that the more silent I would become in my body, the more I knew and would be able to understand. It was real. I saw it, but I didn’t understand the language. It came from the neighbors or something. or it came from inside the house. Somehow I just wished one of us had gotten out of the bedroom and seeing that it was the light in the hallway that was broken. Somehow I just wished that we just gone to bed early that night.