Confessions from a sheep:
“A Maybe Sheep knows that somesheep knew she was a sheep. So whatever she did with her life, there was always the chance that it would come back to haunt her. And if nosheep else knew, that mäh knew that the sheep knew he knew that she was a sheep.”


  • I am so sorry, but I cannot follow at all.
    (It was the voice of a small sheep.)


“No shit, Sheeplock. Okay, let me put it this way, sit up straight so you can hear better. Do you remember that sign saying please don’t feel the sheep? Do you remember there never was another sign saying please don’t feel the fears?”

  • Feel or feed?
    (it was the voice of a small sheep)


“There is no difference here. A Maybe Sheep would say that the bigger taboo, the more stories one must write about it. Such a sheep is the representation of the feeling of limited responsibility. She is the queen of limitation placers. She has a name and is called complacency.”


  • Complacency, insulate, d-minor.. whatever it’s called, I miss it like crazy.
    (it was the voice of a small sheep not sure which one)


“That’s beside the point. You miss it for the wrong reasons. You resisted being saved because it meant that sheep stopped telling you what you were doing wrong. And we’re all made up of these different pieces. And every time someone goes away, you’re left with less of yourself. That is what you believe. And therefore you miss the point.”


  • Can you provide me with a breakdown? Or I mean.. break it down a bit, a bit of bull shit, meh, forget it.. there is no bits in this, there are large chunks.
    (it was the voice of a small sheep, not sure which one)


“If you talk nineteen sheep into believing that they were the one.. got that one so far?”


“Okay.. multiply that feeling by nineteen. Go with that insulate image you just mentioned and insulate negative emotions. Or better yet, look at it from another angle: you can only realize how much you would not like to sit next to somesheep after agreeing to sit next to each other.”


“You are socially potent, trust me. It’s like coffee, it never tastes as good as it smells. You can drink that coffee to swallow the large chunks of your breakdown.”


  • Socially potent?
    (it was the voice of a small sheep, not sure which one)


“Yes. And with that character flaw you can be seven pairs of notes, or tones, that are heard, forming this quadrangle, in which sheep are held captive before they were wakened. You can only make a summary of words and not of a song, a tune, a tone, a timbre or a tempo.”


  • What are my melody contours?
    (it was the voice of a small sheep, not sure which one)


“Again.. turn your question around, don’t ask why you have this question now, wonder why you had it not before, or why others don’t have it, or why it is not universal. Not all winds have to blow in d-minor. Perception is never purely in the present, it has to draw on experience of the past. It’s like counting the colors of Friday, or to discover the individuality of hoofprints. Never be never shy like that, just lovely.”


  • But if you can’t lose your inhibitions, you’ll never be able to convince a crowd that you’re somesheep else, right?
    (it was the voice of a small sheep, not sure which one)


“That doesn’t matter if you have perfected the art of shyness, or lovelyness for that matter. They say sheep have their own demons, therefore they can’t see yours. But I am getting tangled up in my own safety net talking about it now. My memory tricks you into thinking that you’ve forgotten important moments.”


  • Did we?
    (it was the voices of two small sheep)


“No. Everything is inside you, like that melody playing your soul. Most of our hurt comes through relationships, even the forgotten ones. But most of our healing comes through relationships also, even the forgotten ones. You just have to tune in. Sometimes common sense comes so naturally to you that you can’t see it for the gift it is. There is even something joyful about storms that interrupt routine. Souls will be healed. With sheep. By sheep.”


“Why put on this show, Potamotrygorgeous? Do you like the safe feeling of being tangled up in webs? And scramble everysheep’s brain by incomprehensibilities and stories that don’t seem to match image? Is this the only way of pushing yourself through this grid? Do you want to end up sliced like potatoes? And is that with or without sauce?”


“Because.. if you would just give me your hand..”


“Yes. Like this. Open.”


“Then I would grasp the opportunity to really touch..”


“And come close to what you are feeling right this moment.”


“And be with you..”


“just like this..”