Pot of gold. So, what are they talking about. Pot of Gold is a heavily (90%) Indica dominant hybrid multiple awards winning strain, born in the loving hands of the Dutch seed bank Flying Dutchmen. It’s a cross of the popular Hindu Kush and Skunk#1 (hybrid: Afghanistan x Mexico x Colombia), so this bud has a large proportion of Indica genes in its background. This strain produces TCH levels up to 23% and because of the potent effects PoG can be ideal for people suffering from chronic pain due to illness or injury, inflammation or muscle spasms. Using it will leave you clear-headed and very creative but in a very relaxed state of mind and body that is still functional. Pot of Gold is also referred to as a happy weed, so good for social occasions, but you might also just want to sit in a corner and drift away.


The buds are dense, minty green. They are quite massive and because they are sticky they’re hard to break up by hand. Even with a grinder it can be quite a challenge. It has a refined sweet, fruity hashish taste. The aroma has also been described as being reminiscent of a skunk in an apple orchard.


That’s what they say. But what do James and Elsa say? Waky waky!


Mäh! This cannabis smells. Sorry, Potamotrygorgeous, no sweet and fruity orchards ..it smells like.. hmm.. I can’t think of anything else but painting a picture of a full urinated diaper that has been lying in the sun too long. It doesn’t taste like that, though, luckily! It’s very gentle for the throat and doesn’t give off such a big taste there.. What is impressive is the high we got from it; an incredible strong and somehow trustworthy body high, flowing over you as if you were lying at the beach, with your feet in the warm sea, where you feel the warm water rolls over your body, gently but decisively, but without any sound or getting wet. It’s comparable to an XTC pill kicking in, but better. Better because it doesn’t make you nauseous, better because it lasts longer, and better because it feels more like an organic ride that you are into, without any anxiety or paranoia; the euphoria touches upon every fiber in your bloodstream, up to your little toe. This nugget somehow reminds you of the homeland its Indica parents grew, it’s as if you can taste trustworthiness, or a rich heritage. We keep coming back to the words ‘gently but firm’. Or firm but gently. That was the only way we would describe our first encounter with PoG.


Yeah, all that the lady mäh says, but there is something different about this cannabis though too. With other Indica’s (Hindu Kush, Shiva, Jack Herer, Indy Bomb,..) there is more room for YOU, more space and freedom to roam around in your head and body, but PoG seems to have her own agenda, and the only thing you can do to get the most out of the ride is just follow where you are taken. We didn’t have any bright insights, heavenly connection, or creativity. If anything, this cannabis somehow turns off your brain, and it’s up to you perhaps to decide if you like that effect.


I agree with James yeah.. mäh.. there is some black-out somewhere using Pot of Gold. We somehow can’t remember being high that night, we can’t remember closing the evening, we can’t remember lying in bed. Nothing to be worried about though, but if you go to bed, you will probably just fall asleep, and you miss out on the body high, in which you can enjoy being covered in fresh duvets, listening to warm music or the company that you are with. For us, going to bed wastes the nice effects of PoF, so with this cannabis we rather stay awake.


Yeah, but Elsa, be honest now.. also when awake.. hmm.. perhaps we didn’t treat this bud with enough respect, or she’s just not for us, or we haven’t found the right atmosphere yet, but there is something about PoG, that doesn’t feel good. You said it earlier, that not using ‘the right amount’, and I realize that this is subjective, leaves you feeling a bit restless, and you had the same feeling when it wore off, either that night, or in the morning. Coming down from the high is not as gentle as getting into it. Sleeping gets fragmented, we are awake multiple times during the night and eventually wake up very early, feeling groggy, looking tired (jaaay for beedy eyes!), and having a slow start, even perhaps with a slight head ache… what’s the comparison here..


Like a hang-over you mean, James?


Yeah, if anything it reminded us of a hang-over. The lady has spoken. So.. overall.. this cannabis is powerful, she takes you over, and you disappear. If you are looking for a button that shuts you off, this is your bud. We wouldn’t not specifically use this cannabis again for a pleasant evening, nor as a sleeping aid, and we found only the first encounter to be extremely pleasant because of the physical euphoria, but after a couple of days PoF  becomes gets.. ehmm.. boring is the word, like she hasn’t got anything to tell us. I’d rather spend the evening cuddling with this cutie mäh on my right. She has her own bud that I can touch, a belly bud!



Pot of Gold is available in Dampkring (Amsterdam) for 10 euro / 1 gram, one of the cheaper nuggets on the menu there.