What actually happened while you were drafting a story about non-existent things was that Elsa and James fell apart. They didn’t fall in love. Nor did they fall out of love. They fell apart. And this happened because somesheep found out about the difference between pleasure and addiction. The line stipulated there is a difference between desire and wanting. The line was thin, but it was there. And two sheep had to choose which side they would be on. James chose the other side of Elsa. Well, this is all what James told us happened.


‘You know, Potamotrygorgeous,’ James said. ‘This really could go anywhere, if you let it. It’s not about right or wrong, or about which side of the line you are on. It’s not even about drawing that line, at least not the length of it, nor how thick you make it to me. It’s about picking up that pen and start drawing. Draw that map. The map of streets you want to roam. The streets where there is perhaps only one small café where you would like to sit. I don’t quite believe in those corny stuff like the world being your oyster or something. But that pen is yours.’


‘You will write truths. About the difference between desire and wanting. Your pen will know how. Even with your eyes closed you will be able to write, the same way that I will always have Elsa. Whether it’s by my side, on my hoof, leaning against me, awake or asleep. Elsa is mine in a way you know is true, but lack the words to describe it. You chose the correct word for it a long time ago.. coincide. Like a drop of water that deliberately chose nature to blow her a small piece of blotting paper to fall on. And on blotting paper you will write about us. About desire.’


‘It’s remembering the sound of ink shoot up in your flesh. It’s remembering the knowing that once you draw that first line, there’s no going back to bare skin. Draw that map, Potamotrygorgeous, for I long to be with Elsa, regardless of whether you call that wanting or desiring.’


‘My sweetie is waking up now.’


‘You cannot talk yet, dear Elsa mäh. You aren’t alive yet either. You only woke up on this side of life. I think you are amazing. I don’t care whether you are just an invention of the result of a pressing of a button of a photo camera. Of. Of. Of. This time it is not about the result of you being here in my desire, but it was about your trip here. Or actually about Potamotrygorgeous choosing to wake you.’


*hmm.. not sure whether this story makes more sense than we would have made just reviewing that cannabis strain earlier this week..*


(if Elsa would speak, she would have said:) ‘You know what?’


(if Elsa would speak, she would have said:) ‘Mäh..’


(if Elsa would speak, she would have said:) ‘Forget it..’


(if Elsa would speak, she would have said:) ‘Potamotrygorgeous is not ready. Probably this story has a loop in it somewhere.’