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Okay.. this is freaky shit,… eh shitty sheep.. eh freaky sheep..  we just overheard the weirdest conversation.


“okay.. the assignment is eh.. if you made twelve servings of bolognese sauce with eh.. five hundred milliliter of wine, and you let that wine eh.. you let that sauce stew eh.. for three hours..”


“Yeah, so the assignment then is.. how many calories coming from alcohol will you eventually have in each bag of sauce.”


And this is what we overheard this sheep saying..


“eh.. okay, so we have eh.. twelve bags, five hundred milliliter , well.. let’s assume that that is five hundred gram. Twelve bags. So each bag contains .. eh … oh I don’t know this one.. if I had ten bags, then fifty grams of alcohol would be in the bag, right, yeah..”


“..so it is less than fifty gram, no..yeah, less than fifty gram.. eh.. assuming that hundred grams of alcohol contains eh hundred calories, that is on the high end of guessing, but let’s just work with this, so each bag, fifty grams, fifty calories.”


“But..if the meat stews, longer than two.. three hours, then eighty, ninety percent of the alcohol is evaporated, okay let’s say all the alcohol, and.. eh.. so how many did we have left? Fifty? Fifty calories.. but a part of that evap.. but the alcohol disappears and about, eh..”


“..there is about ten percent alcohol in wine, pure alcohol, so ten percent evaporates, so you are left with, what had we, forty, ten percent drops off, that is four, right?”


“Yeah, so then four, then you’re left with thirty-six calories and those should then come from carbs, that will be the sugar. So you have thirty-six eh, divided by four .. eh I don’t know.. eh nine times four is thirty-two, ten times four is forty, nine times four then is thirty-eight? No thirty-six.”


“So you would be left with.. no, how much did I have left, I said nine? Okay, so that’s eight or nine gram of carbs then.”