Sheep are tired.
Sheep ask questions.
Questions without endings.
Three letter sentences.
Coffee.. please.. now..

Question 1. How can sounds and syllables come together and produce a story that has an emotional power that is irreducible to its constituent parts?

Question 2. When pleasure is ubiquitous, what will we desire?

Question 3. If morality is derived from abstract principles, why then do judgments often come instantaneously?


Question 4. Isn’t it better to stop storytelling and rather have the reader come up with his own opinion based on the questions on this page?

Question 5. Why aren’t coincidences not the exception but the rule?

Question 6: if you had no choice, would you believe in free will?


Question 7: do you smile because you are happy or to let other people know that you are happy?

Question 8: do you believe that magicians are honest deceivers?