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Cotton mäh is waiting for the perfect picture to be taken. And so she waits. By the way, she woke up looking this awesome.. But the only thing she said was ‘mah’.


Lovelynn wanted to be in the perfect picture too, so she decided to join the picture. Waiting it to be perfect.


Lovelynn also bleated one word: ‘mäh.’


Then Sven heard about a perfect picture to be taken. Of course he couldn’t resist temptation, for perfection sounded great.


And he waited along with the girls, bleating ‘mah’.


Gustav.. oh yes, Gustav.


Gustav had his own definition of perfection. But in trying to accomplish that, he had to set the bar so incredibly high, that he could barely hold on, and by accident he leaned into cotton mäh, covering her eyes by accident. She let this know by bleating ‘mäh!’


The four sheep were set in place. For perfection. For the perfect picture to be taken, for they were now all present. They waited this long for the picture to be taken that they were getting a bit restless. They felt like the draft version of a story, waiting to go to press. They urged Potamotrygorgeous to reassure them that now they were on this perfect path called perfection, and that a perfect picture would be taken.. but then..