This is mirr. You wouldn’t recognize him, perhaps, but it is him. Mirr.


While leaning to the side just a little he put his arms around our shoulder. And a hand over our mouth. Well.. it was not his leaning, it was the washing machine turning a little.


But in leaning he did put an arm over our shoulder. And a hand over our mouth. It’s funny how ‘our’ is plural, and mouth is not, wouldn’t you say? It’s not correct. And that’s exactly what mirr was trying to tell us. The sentence is not correct, and he with his arms around our shoulder (singular again) refrained us from leaving the scene. He took us with him in this tumbling experience. Washing to reach some cleanness..


He told us one thing: Have the courage to get so flocking real with yourself that for at least for another few or four hours you can’t even see straight. You are imperfect, he said.


You are absolutely imperfect. Say it.


You are imperfect. Say it.


Repeat it.


Again. You are imperfect. Say it.


“Hey you. Yes, mirr, you.. Sit still for a minute, will you? You make our heads spin. What’s up with all of this? First with the plural and singular stuff about shoulders and mouthes and now with all the tumbling and rambling about imperfection.. Just tell us.”


Potamotrygorgeous, you are imperfect. That’s all I wanted to say.


And if you see what I see, you would see it’s just a word. It’s your head that makes it into a judgement, see? See how your head makes it into a thing you should avoid being? What if I were to tell you you are a herder. Say that. You are a sheep herder… Again. You are a sheep herder. Say it.


You are a herder. Right. See how it’s just an observation and not a judgement? Why don’t you do the same with words that society wants you to see as undesirable? So, let’s do this again.


You are a herder. You are imperfect. Two things that you do or are. Let’s go for a third description of you. You like cheese cake. Is that a judgement?


Oke.. next one then.. you are a perfectionist. You are a herder. You are a perfectionist. Both are evenly true. Both have even value. Both can guide you or just describe you. Imperfect. Let that word simmer.


Think of it as making sauce with alcohol. You don’t drink, do you? You are an alcoholic, aren’t you? See how alcoholism doesn’t guide you into drinking, does it? Because you can be a herder who doesn’t drink while being an alcoholic, right? You understood that alcoholism is just a description, right? Just a word.


So the cooking then.. Think of it as cooking.. you make sauce.. using wine.. but you choose to let that sauce simmer for over three hours.. and then the alcohol evaporates. This you know. And this is what you can work with: knowledge. And after the simmering, what is left 0n the sauce is a richer taste than you would have if you hadn’t used wine.


You know that adding that wine adds a little extra to the sauce, even for an alcoholic, who decided not to drink any more. You know you will not get drunk from the sauce,.. you enjoy the sauce, because you know you only took those parts of the wine and made the best of it. You still with me so far?


Please try to follow the logic. It’s the same thing with imperfection. it doesn’t define you. You can even use it. Use it along the way, on your path, in your life, in your heart, in every way that is possible. But do one thing: take only the good, positive, strenghening, constructive things that imperfection gives you. So the same way that simmering evaporates the damaging part of alcohol, let imperfection simmer in your brain until the negative connotation of it is gone. Because that negative connotation is the societal percentage that slowly is poisoning you, the same way alcohol poisons the liver for example.


This is by far the biggest lesson to learn this year, and if you are ready, I’ve got plenty more, if you’re up for it. I promise you, it’ll be worth the path you are headed. Because there is no wrong or right path, Potamotrygorgeous, just ‘your path’. And you pave it along the way. YOU are that path. It’s not you walking it. It’s YOU. So for today you go about your business, make that sauce, walk that path. And for at least three hours.. leave me here..okay? And close the door on your way out to reality.